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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Allergies & Eyes

While it seems that everyone is glad the cold wet weather has passed, a few of us, ahem, me!, are struggling to share in everyone's joy when it comes to bright sunny HOT days. Don't get me wrong...I'm glad my husband can crank up the grill again and I can start showing off my pedicures again. BUT, I am NOT glad that I have to start carrying those annoying little Kleenex packages in my purse and have random sneezing spells and itchy eyes. But on the bright side...the flowers ARE prettier during this time of year :)

Ok. Enough of my allergy season rant. During my lunch hour today, I made a quick stop at CVS to hopefully take advantage of the great deal they were running on contact solution and allergy medication. Luckily, there were three little purple boxes of Allegra waiting just for me. And I guess a lot of people aren't needing contact solution this week because their shelves were full of Complete contact solution. So here are my winnings from CVS. Ta-da!!!

Allegra (5 count): Sale price of $6.99
- (3) $7.00 coupons from Sunday paper
=3 boxes for FREE

Complete Contact Solution: Buy one at $8.99 get $8.99 ECB

I used $8.50 in ECB that I earned on my last shopping trip, so I applied those to this purchase, leaving only $0.49 for me to pay out of pocket. SCORE!

AND I used my Green bag tag, scoring me another $1.00 ECB.  

Total Savings: $30.47, plus an additional $9.99 ECB to use on my next purchase. It's like CVS paid me to take this stuff off their hands! :)

In closing, while I'll have to endure sneezing spells and sore throats during our church Easter picnic and bike rides through our tree-lined neighborhood, at least I'll be well-equipped for whatever nature throws my way. And the next time I have to pop an Allegra to stop the itchy watery eyes, I'll do it with a smile knowing I didn't pay a dime :)

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